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Our Vision

Adfam is a charity organisation which is helping families that are badly affected by drugs and liquor. At Adfam we want anyone affected by a family members addiction to drugs or alcohol to be able to benefit from healthy relationships as well as feel part of a loving and supportive family whilst enjoying mental and physical wellbeing.

Family relationships as well as their mental health are threatened with destruction due to drugs and alcohol use.

Our Goal

We allow members of the family and close friends to help our personnel and influence decision-makers to make the right choices to prevent this from happening.

What We Value

We talked with family members and frontline laborers We know and understand that the people who face challenges often also have answers . So, thanks to our supporters we plan a course of action: using empathy and proofs we notify, encourage and empower both workers that cooperate with those that suffer from a substance abuse of family members, as well as those family members. We develop abilities, resources, trust and pathways so both groups can assist themselves, their friends, clients and communities.

We're Driven By What Works

Our aim is to improve health and happiness decisions in family set up, work place and social gatherings. This is the secret behind our dynamic approach to drug and alcohol abuse. To accomplish all of this, we gladly accept different kinds of evidence, and we lean on real life experiences as well as formal scientific facts. Our work is inspired by our families, friends, supporters and co-workers and what they tell us works.

We're Serious About Our Mission

We take our work as well as our partnerships very seriously and are dedicated to delivering results of the greatest quality. We promise to treat families and individuals affected by drugs and alcohol with dignity and respect because we know that stigma and prejudice are barriers to recovery and can cause harm.

Who Are Our Partners

  • Family, friends and caretakers - In order to ensure those affected by another's substance use have a stake in the issue that affect them, we inform and empower them and also amplify their voices.
  • Frontline workers - We seek to build individual confidence to take control to support family and work mates in a common goal.
  • Leaders- We make sure that main local and national decision-makers know the problems that families deal with on a daily basis and we try to engage with them and affect their decisions.

Ready to Get Help?

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